J I E N A T - Postboks 65 - 9615 Hammerfest - Norway - Tel. +47 90667889


PRESS PHOTOS by Allan Klo. Click to enlarge.

Fliflet and surround sound microphone cluster
Ensuring that the microphones are symmetrically placed
Andreas Fliflet
A laptop from 2005, preamps, converters, microphones. All that is needed.
Instrument roster, including bass speaker flight case
Drums and Stanley saw 01
Drums and Stanley saw 02
Surdos from Sao Paolo anchor the low frequencies
Acoustic bass guitar and percussion
Basic surround setup: DPA 4006/4011/4021 microphones
When recording centered lead voice, only front mic + AB pair were used
View from above
Musician, somewhat happy
Musician, somewhat concerned
Joikeredet studios
DPA 4006 and Fliflet
View from behind the Millennia preamp
Sennalandet, Finnmark, Norway
Not a good place for agoraphobia
Outside Joikeredet studios, Hammerfest
Fliflet and the bacalao drying structures
The Barents Sea as next door neighbor