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01. Sissel (03:29)
(A. Fliflet)

Sissel is the product of a sport entertained by the composer way back when our millennium was new: cornering innocent bystanders and taking orders for custom-made tunes. Sissel wanted a dance/joik/latin mix (which she got). However, this version, by and large, adheres to the dogma of this record: Everything is recorded in surround sound, no electronic instruments, no effects apart from reverb.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, electric bass
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded in Joikeredet, Hammerfest

02. Andreas/André (04:21)
(A.Fliflet. Andreas given by Marit Hætta Øverli)

Andreas/André is the album's only mash-up. The joik Andreas is performed by Marit Hætta Øverli. André performs the anchoring percussion on the track, which, unbeknownst to him, ended up bearing his name. He was recorded well after midnight on a stormy August night in the church of Eckerö. The song incorporates two Sámi languages: Northern Sámi, the main language of Sápmi, and Kildin Sámi, a language used by maybe 600 persons on the Russian Kola peninsula.

Marit Hætta Øverli: vocals
Andreas Fliflet: vocals
André Ferrari: percussion

Kildin Sámi translation: Aleksandra Antonova
Kildin Sámi coordination: Elisabeth Scheller

Recorded in Eckerö S:t Lars kyrka, Åland, and Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

03. Angelique
(A. Fliflet)

Angelique was originally unknown as Siri på Senja. Whether you hear the sea reaching the sands of Benin, or slowly polishing pebbles of the Northern Norwegian island of Senja, its continuousness and continuum is undeniable.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, acoustic bass guitars
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded at Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

04. Dancehall (04:01)
(A. Fliflet)

Dancehall got its name because it seems relevant to play it loud in a hall where people would like to dance.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, electric bass
Ulvens Döttrar: vocals
Fredrik Gille: percussion
Ulvens Döttrar:
Johanna Grüssner
Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan
Isabella Grüssner Sarling

Recorded at Joikeredet, Hammerfest and Saltvik S:ta Maria kyrka, Saltvik, Åland.

05. Radio Belgrano (03:26)
(A. Fliflet)

Radio Belgrano is the street in Salta, Argentina, where the family Burgos Castro resides. Some days, a street vendor will pass on by with his mule and megaphone, selling bags of soil. Tierra para las plantas is the war cry of choice. 2 pesos for a small bag, 5 pesos for a large one.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals
Eva Jeanette Iversen: vocals
André Ferrari: percussion
Unknown street vendor: megaphone voice
Unknown street vendor's horse: hooves

Recorded in Eckerö S:t Lars kyrka, Åland; in the street of Radio Belgrano, Salta Capital, Argentina; and in Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

06. Fredrik Albert
(A. Fliflet)

 Fredrik Albert is the big brother of August Samuel. For some reason, his parents never cut his hair until he was more than one year old. The result was a Latino version of the Swedish childen's book character Plupp by the author Inga Borg. The lyrics make references to this, as well as to his current fad of being a tiger. Watch your back.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, electric bass, percussion
Fredrik Gille: percussion
Fredrik Fliflet: vocal fills

Recorded in Kirkegata 14 and Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

07. Mira (04:17)
(A. Fliflet)

Mira is a young bitch from Karasjóhka. She was first encountered one day in 2007 when she was a puppy. Her owner, Anders Nils Utsi, was working with his reindeer herd; Mira was hanging out by Route 889. She had not yet fully grasped the concept that dogs should only chase cars, not try to catch them. She survived, quit catching cars, grew up, and now she has her own title track. Imagine that.

Andreas Fliflet: canine voices ("bjeffjoik")
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded in Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

08. Adama (05:42)
(A. Fliflet)

Adama recorded his tracks in the hallway of Harstad kulturskole at a ghastly morning hour after a successful concert with Mory Kante, Arto Tunçboyacıyan and Ragnhild Furebotten. Mr. Conde persevered, demonstrating his ability to create art at any given moment, at any given location.

Adama Conde: balafon
Andreas Fliflet: voices, flight case
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded in Joikeredet, Hammerfest and Harstad kulturskole, Harstad.

09. Tudeer (02:24)
(A. Fliflet)

Tudeer is the maiden name of my mother, Marianne. This tune served as a present for her 85th birthday on Nov 28, 2009. As a tribute to her Finnish citizenship, she will have this saw-and-kanjira tune. After all, saw playing is a well-established tradition in Finland. [The composer holds a fourth place in the Nordic and Baltic Saw Championship Finals. -Ed.]

Andreas Fliflet: saw (26", 8-pt. cross-cut), additional metal structures
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded in Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

10. Gille (04:32)
(A. Fliflet)

Fredrik Gille is the main percussion player on this project. Anyone who puts up with being a guinea pig in this surround research laboratory deserves a tune. The basic tracks are performed by the drum ensemble Swing do Pelȏ, recorded on a –by Salvador de Bahian standards– quiet Saturday in the cobblestone streets of Pelourinho. The lyrics are in Inari Sámi, a linguistic minority within the minority, spoken fluently by only a few hundred persons.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, acoustic bass guitars, additional percussion
Fredrik Gille: percussion
Sverre Gjørvad: additional snare drums
Swing do Pelô:
Mestre Ivan Santana, repique
Paulo Sergio Santoro dos Santos, repique
Danilo Santo Souza, fundo
Leandro Pires de Santana, junior dobra
Jose Miguel Lozano, losa fundo
Sergi Cerezo Camareto, fundo
Claudio Eduardo Querino da Silva, dobra
Cristiano Ronaldo, dobra
Rodrigo Lameiro, virada
Pedro do Jesus Aquino, fundo

Inari Sámi translation: Petter Morottaja
Inari Sámi consulting: Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Ida Toivonen

Recorded in the street Rua Frei Vicente, Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil; and in Joikeredet, Hammerfest.

11. August Samuel (06:22)
(A. Fliflet)

August Samuel is Fredrik Albert's little brother. This is as close as this record gets to a lullaby, although it is hard to envision any one-year-old who would be inclined to sleep when confronted with a unknown number of drummers and singers cramming around the bed.

Andreas Fliflet: vocals, bass
Ulvens Döttrar: vocals
Fredrik Gille: percussion

Recorded in Joikeredet, Hammerfest , at the Tromsø Music Conservatory, and in Saltviks S:ta Maria kyrka, Saltvik, Åland.

Recording sessions engineered and produced by Andreas Fliflet

Submixes by Andreas Fliflet

Mix and mastering by Morten Lindberg

SACD authoring by Lindberg Lyd, Oslo

Blu-ray authoring by msm-studios, München

Photos by Allan Klo, Hammerfest

Cover design by Dario M. Muhafara, Buenos Aires

Surround microphone array consultants and inspirators:  Lindberg Lyd

All music composed and arranged by Andreas Fliflet

Produced by Andreas Fliflet

This project is made possible by the funding and patience from:

Sámediggi         Fond for lyd og bilde              Sparebanken Nord-Norges gavefond

Thanks to: Gilmario Marques, Mestre Memeu, Claudio Lee, Ronaldo Lage, Barriga, Coroa, Pardal, Fabio Marc, Fredrik Gille, Arne Storvik, Lindberg Lyd, Ida Toivonen, Petter Morottaja, Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Marit Hætta Øverli, Ola Graff, Eckerö församling, Mariehamns församling, Saltviks församling, Hammerfest kommune, Elisabeth Scheller.

Microphones: DPA    Preamp: Millennia HV-D3       Interface: Apogee Rosetta 800

This record will play on all standard CD players as well as SACD + Blu-Ray-players.