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Mira ships in a blu-ray box containing two discs.
One will play in all regular CD players plus in SACD-players.
The other is a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc.
The music is recorded in true 5.1 surround sound.
Both are in 96KHz/24 bit resolution.

It is apparently the first Blu-ray release outside the classical vein to be recorded in high definition true 5.1 surround sound. It is also one of the ten first releases worldwide on the Pure Audio Blu-Ray format. 

You can listen to  samples from the album  here or  watch the videos on the main page.

Satisfaction guaranteed!
If you do not like the disc, you may return it for a refund within 30 days after we've shipped it. Refund does not include neither our or your shipping costs. Discs & package must be undamaged.

Prices in USD, shipping included

We also have a back "catalog" consisting of the release Daja (JNCD 0001, 1999). Liner notes can ble found here.

Here are some press quotes:

I love the Jienat CD! My only problem will be choosing which tracks to play.
-Fiona Talkington, BBC3

This is great music! [...] The group has the right chemistry and is convincing from the first to the last song.
-Eelko Schilder, FolkWorld

Daja is a CD that should be and will be listened to--- music that speaks for itself, all in all an outstanding, profound and partly very dark album.
-Carina Prange, Jazzdimensions

This is a musical delicacy.
-Peter Bickel, Nordische Musik

Prices in USD, shipping included